Crystal Maze I

« What a B What a Beauty » :
A Printing Daedal…


  • Toulouse
  • 16.10.2010

The Crystal Maze is a monstration and discussion display addressing questions of images and languages through various means such as edition, graphic design or cinema.

In the context of C-O-D-E-X (curated by Charlotte Cheetham and Béatrice Méline for the Printemps de Septembre) and under the guise of a discursive conversation and a screening, this Crystal Maze discusses phenomenons of revival and renewal in contemporary edition. In effect, to produce a book in the 21th century – whether as an artist or a graphic designer – is to roam a territory which has an history and a form that can be perceived from a conception, production, diffusion or reception perspectives. Thus to produce a book is to interpret this territory, consciously or not, by repetition or difference.

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