Crystal Maze III

The Crystal Mask


  • Paris
  • 08.03.2012

Taking the form of a 46 minutes performance-film conceived as a conference at the ENSAD Paris at the invitation of Catherine de Smet and Philippe Millot for the MA seminar Pratique + Critique, this Crystal Maze is a daedal where edited objects, images and voices meet, here convocated through the figure of the detective, of the «Club du Masque» collection of books and what they evoke and satellise.

Curated by:

Movie directed by:

  • Vincent Lalanne
  • Chloé Munich

Text by:

  • Catherine Guiral
    voice over by Chloé Munich & Laurent Sfar

With guest appearances by:

  • Xavier Bouyssou
  • Vincent Fortin

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The Crystal Mask was screened:

  • at the ENSBA de Lyon in May 2012
  • at the EESAB de Lorient, on the occasion of Wunderblock, in May 2013
    (with Fabrice Mabime)
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