Crystal Maze IV.C

The Crystal Voyeur

Nouveau Festival
Centre Pompidou

  • Paris
  • 09.03.2013

Produced and performed on the occasion of the fourth Nouveau Festival at the Centre Pompidou, this Crystal Maze brings together Alexandru Balgiu, Thierry Chancogne, Brice Domingues, Jérôme Dupeyrat, Catherine Guiral and Fabrice Mabime around the exhibition 1 + 2 + 3 = 3. Notre Distraction Favorite. Inbetween books, images and cinematographic montage, the Crystal interrogates notions of distance and desire and more particularly the figures of the circle and of the voyeur through the many elements they can evoke and satellise.

Curated by:

Movie directed by:

  • Brice Domingues

Text by:

  • Catherine Guiral
    voice over by Fabrice Mabime


  • Alexandru Balgiu
  • Thierry Chancogne
  • Fabrice Mabime

The Crystal Voyeur was screened:

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