Crystal Maze IV.B

Pierre Faucheux

Nouveau Festival
Centre Pompidou

  • Paris
  • 23.02.2013

Screened for the first time on the occasion of the fourth Nouveau Festival at the Centre Pompidou, this filmic Crystal Maze brings together five voices around the work of graphic designer Pierre Faucheux (1924-1999): Thierry Chancogne, Brice Domingues, Jérôme Dupeyrat, Jérôme Faucheux – host of the conversation – and Catherine Guiral.

Pierre Faucheux was one of the major figure of French edition after the Second World War. Largely renewing this particular field of graphic design, Faucheux crossed the second half of the 20th century leaving multiple traces which are as many experimentations revisiting the avant-gardes. These traces are defining a large territory manifesting Faucheux’s need to create a ‘system of sytems’: ‘a generalized dynamic topology’.

The use of notions like topology and territory underline to which extent space, in its multiple acceptances, is inextricable from Faucheux’s work. He encounters Le Corbusier in 1947 and won’t then cease, during all of his career, to circulate between his graphic design expertise and his architectural practice (exhibition design and collaborations with architects). Defining himself as a ‘book architect’ and a ‘writer of space’, Faucheux has observed all of his life a kind of Écart absolu (Absolute interval) to bounce back on the title of the 11th International Surrealist Exhibition held in 1965 and of which Faucheux was the scenographer at the invitation of André Breton.

Curated by:

Movie directed by:

  • Vincent Lalanne
  • Chloé Munich

Opening credits by:

  • Brice Domingues
  • Vincent Lalanne


  • Thierry Chancogne
  • Brice Domingues
  • Jérôme Dupeyrat
  • Jérôme Faucheux
  • Catherine Guiral
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